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Continuing Innovation in Agricultural Fencing and Perimeter Protection Sectors

It is quite apparent that those in the Agricultural Fencing and perimeter protection sectors take pride in moving with the times to keep up with changes in the market as they evolve. Market leading companies such as MRT realise this and have the ability and resources to innovate and adapt to these changes. With over 150 years of investment in technology such as it’s new robot for pressing and strapping wire coils, and automated packaging machines to help optimise production processes,  continuous production is assured across it’s plants in Gijón and Cerdanyola, Spain. This helps  provide the consistent quality with superb service that it’s clients globally have come to expect and enjoy.

With total control over the wire production process, MRT offers a vast range of special coatings for it’s heavy galvanized wires, giving enhanced protection against the elements that galvanizing alone provides. The ever popular ECOVER® Green protective coating triples the useful life of heavy galvanised wire, and the stockfence offering has recently been enhanced with the introduction of the ZnAl® and  Super heavy galvanized lines.

MRT is proud that all products are recyclable and comprise of at least 85% recycled steel as part of the Celsa Group™’s Circular Steel ethos.

Further investments continue in agricultural fencing machines and the demand for the XK MRT® range has rocketed since it’s introduction a couple of years ago; the X-shaped, forged knot with a smooth finish does not slide and absorbs even the strongest of impacts, proving to be very popular for use in equine and forestry sectors. Additionally, a line of hinge knots can be added to the netting at the top or bottom to prevent animals such as badgers from digging or other predators from climbing.

Industrially, this year has seen the further expansion of their already extensive range with the addition of the new Bubble Plus, and Helix Plus gates for the residential market.

Account customers have a dedicated ‘Customer Portal’ whereby they can have access to their order book, shipment tracking with product presentations and document downloads.

Undoubtedly, MRT is a company striving to be at the forefront of innovation and development, adapting to the needs of it’s customers and the market in which it operates.

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