On #WorldEnergyDay, #CELSAGroup is committed to energy sustainability. Committed to circular steel and innovative projects in energy efficiency and renewable energies, such as hydrogen and biochar, we are leading towards a greener future. 🌍♻️

At #CELSAGroup, we are more than leaders in steel: we are pioneers in sustainability. 🌱 With 6 business groups, 120 sites, 7 steel mills, and 45 recycling plants, we generate 70k jobs in Europe. Learn more about our main objectives 👇

Did you know that every tonne of recycled scrap we use avoids 1.5 tonnes of CO2 and saves up to 1.4 tonnes of iron?

These numbers not only reflect our commitment to environmental protection, but also underline the importance of the #circulareconomy ♻️

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